Vacuum Cupping Myrtle Beach

Vacuum Cupping therapy is a big trend in all the top circles these days from sports medicine to even the Hollywood celebrity scene.  While the raves are new the technology is not and is in fact centuries old.

Think of cupping as the reversed flow from a massage.  Instead of the massage that pushed pressure down into the tissue and muscles, cupping actually pulls the tissue and circulates blood to the surface.

The treatment involves the placing of vacuum cups onto the skin to create a vacuum which helps to increase blood and Qi flow. It also loosen fascia, greatly stimulates healing and helps to remove toxins.

The overall goals of vacuum cupping are to stimulate and boost circulation, relieve muscle tension and pain, reduce muscle spasms, improve muscle responsiveness and as a biproduct vacuum cupping will exhaust the skin to make it more pliable.

An individual’s own therapeutic goals will partly determine what a person’s therapeutic goal for vacuum cupping massage might be. One goal would be to improve the blood circulation system of the troubled area by compressing the blood vessels with the suction cups. Another therapeutic goal would be to reduce muscle spasms, a common general symptom of many diseases. The third therapeutic goal of vacuum cupping massage is to improve muscular responsiveness, which is typically found in athletes, patients with cerebral vascular accidents, and stroke victims.